2018 News

Kelsey is spending the year in Europe with her new husband. She will be traveling and riding horses, and will also spend a couple months in Germany training. Keep up with her on social media! She’ll be back!

Kelsey Dunlap is a dressage competitor and trainer located just east of Charlotte, North Carolina. She competes at the Intermediare and Grand Prix levels of dressage, and has earned the USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals.

Dunlap Dressage offers training for both horse and rider through the FEI levels. Kelsey’s experience as a competitor and trainer and her collaboration with top professionals gives her remarkable insight into developing both horses and riders. She has ridden many horses to the FEI level, and focuses on good basics for young horses and all of her students, from children to adult amateurs.



If your horse needs more miles in the show ring under a professional – whether it’s to build confidence or to sort out some bad habits, Kelsey is the rider you want. She strives to give her horses a positive experience in the show ring and is rewarded by the judges for it.
See Kelsey’s current scores HERE.


Kelsey works with all types of horses from youngsters to Grand Prix schoolmasters. She trains in an even-tempered, systematic way that will build your horse’s confidence. Short and long term training spots are available.


Kelsey is available to teach private lessons at her barn or yours on a limited basis. She is also experienced with teaching clinics and frequently coaches students at shows.
Kelsey is a clear communicator and patient instructor who can help you reach your riding goals.

Kelsey is connected into a wide network of horse enthusiasts to find your horse a new home, or to help you find your next four-hoofed friend. She will ensure your business dealings are as safe as they can be, and is an informed, skilled negotiator.